Jenn Shares

Other than my writing on this blog, I have also contributed my writing on other sites:

Jenn’s Studious Life @ Tumblr – another way to inspire my studious life. I use this mainly to stalk other Tumblr’s users and sometimes sharing good resources by re-blogging from others.

Jenn’s Studious Life @ Pinterest – the best place to curate nice pictures and blogs’ links for my studious life’s inspiration.

Studious Network – a site I created for my dissertation’s idea development. It’s still a prototype that in need of remodelling.

#Acwri Asia Pacific Live Chat – storify of summaries for all AP #acwri chat sessions

Jenn’s Guest Blog Posts (updated Apr 2012)

During my writing break before I concluded my final submission of dissertation, I wrote the following guest blog posts in sharing about experience in this dissertation journey:

1. The Successful Ingredients for Completing a Dissertation at GradShare

2. Writing Accountability Part 1: How it works at PhD2Published

3. Writing Accountability Part 2: How it measures at PhD2Published

Feel free to read them and give me feedback or comment. Thanks!


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