Reading Challenge 2018

I recently realized that I hadn't read much in 2017. If reading textbooks and project reports counted as something, then I had read quite a number of them. Around the end of January 2018, where semester had come to the end, I started to look around for reading inspirations. I knew there were many reading... Continue Reading →


Yeah, hello to all! I guess I'm rather late to wish everyone "Happy 2018". It's already February. How time flies! However, I guess I'm still not late to wish whoever celebrating Chinese New Year, "Happy Dog Year 2018". Haha! It's the end of another semester, hence I'm finally taking my time to update this blog.... Continue Reading →

Last post for 2017

Many months have passed since my last recap for June and July. Just when I thought we reached half year point during that time, it's already end of the year now. Many events had happened in these few months, especially in September. I actually had trouble putting my thoughts down when I was in grief.... Continue Reading →

June-July 2017 Recap

I really don't know what had happened but I have failed in keeping track with so many things. June and July past in a blur to me but I am very sure I did a lot of things in these 2 months. For one, I had been busy since we got the keys to our... Continue Reading →

May 2017 Recap

I didn't mean to write on this blog with just only recap every month. Unfortunately, that's what happened since last post. I had no time to share anything with so much to be done wrapping up the third semester, which also meant wrapping up one academic year. New academic year just started end of May,... Continue Reading →

April 2017 Recap

Whoa! April is gone! April is by far my most favourite month of all because it is my birthday month. That's when I could have more reasons to indulge and enjoy. Plus we get more discounts on everything on birthday month. More reasons for shopping!¬†Although there's nothing big on my birthday, I always have these... Continue Reading →

Teaching Evaluations

As a member of the teaching staff, I get to be evaluated by my students near to the end of every semester. I normally see the evaluation feedback in the following semester and I have to acknowledge the ratings and comments given and to reply with my own feedback if necessary. For the first semester... Continue Reading →

March 2017 Recap

I have wanted to write this kind of post for a long time after being inspired by Dr Ana's monthly round-up posts but being the procrastinator me, I didn't get it done any earlier. Since it's now Week 6 of a 7-week short semester, I guess it's time I put this in writing and hopefully... Continue Reading →

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