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Welcome to Jenn’s Studious Life

My Studious Life  was my initial attempt to blog about my dissertation journey which I started in 2010 during my 3rd semester. My initial research interest was about social computing and the use of IT in the teaching and learning process. Later, my research interest revolves around personal learning environment that takes the advantage of Web 2.0 applications in the learning environment. My professional background as an IT administrator (for nearly 10 years as of 2012) has motivated me to research about the tools and technology we use in our learning process and how we can become a better and more autonomous learner.

Throughout my dissertation journey over the years, my research interest continues to grow and I’m actively sharing new tools I have found and experienced for my writing and research in this blog. I also love to share various ways I have tried to improve my academic writing especially what works for me and what’s not.

Here are some summaries on what I have achieved or done throughout my dissertation journey in this blog:

In Aug 2011, my sincere belief and continuous support for Mendeley has motivated me to become Mendeley Advisor. Since then, I have been exposed to a lot of good things about Mendeley and I have learned a lot more. I’m happy to provide help to anyone who wishes to try out Mendeley and I will continue to blog about new cool ways to use Mendeley. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require any help on Mendeley. Do visit my Mendeley profile and join me in changing the way we do research

In Jan 2012, I have started an online initiative called Academic Writing Accountability by using Google Spreadsheet to help everyone who is interested to keep track of their daily writing goals and daily progress. The concept of this initiative is simple. We help each other to be accountable for our own progress. Our sharing keeps us motivated and progresses forward. To find out more, check out the page Jenn Shares.

In April 2012, I have finished writing my manuscript and submitted it for examination. My final dissertation title is Design of Personal Learning Environment for Learner Autonomy. In July 2012, my result was a pass with minor correction (a relief!). I submitted my corrected manuscript one month later. Finally, I officially graduated on 2nd October 2012 with the Master of Computer Science (specialized in Management of Information Systems).

In Aug 2012, as part of the collaboration with PhD2Published under its initiative on #Acwri Twitter live chat (run by Dr Anna Tarrant and Dr Jeremy Segrott), I co-host with Wini (from Australia) for our Asia Pacific #Acwri Twitter live chat, which we hold twice a month on selected Wednesdays at 8pm GMT+10. Follow our AP #Acwri live chat news and information on @acwri_apac.

Although my studious journey has officially come to an end, I hope to continue writing and sharing my experience on various aspects of my interest in this blog as I continue to find my next studious adventures (as quoted by my good friend, Ben from LiteratureReviewHQ). This blog started with the idea that my graduate studies inspire me and I hope this blog somehow inspires you too. However, the truth is the many people I have met (online and offline) throughout this journey are the real inspiration to my studious journey. I hope I can continue to find new inspiration from you and vice versa in our crossed path.

In Aug 2013, I have officially started a new journey in academia by taking up a lectureship in the university college near my place. I’m now a faculty member for Computer Science department, where I’m starting afresh to learn everything about academia.

Feel free to leave me some comments or questions using this Feedback form or follow me on Twitter @mystudiouslife

Thank you.



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