Teaching Evaluations

As a member of the teaching staff, I get to be evaluated by my students near to the end of every semester. I normally see the evaluation feedback in the following semester and I have to acknowledge the ratings and comments given and to reply with my own feedback if necessary. For the first semester... Continue Reading →


My reading list for 2017

I have tried my best to read as much as possible according to my study plan since my last post. Am I successful? I would say far from it. I'm still at Chapter 1, though I'm already at page 130. However, the start of Chapter 2 is at page 189. So another 50 pages more... Continue Reading →

ScienceDirect – Import to Mendeley

I attended a workshop on optimizing the use of ScienceDirect some times ago because our university has subscribed to many journals from ScienceDirect. Being a teaching oriented institution for so many years, moving toward research oriented will take some times, especially for us, the academics who have heavy teaching loads each semester. During the workshop,... Continue Reading →

It’s July? 

Where has June gone to? I have no idea a month has passed and I hadn't visited my blog for that long. Now let me think what have I done in June. Err...Emm... Okay, the semester started at the end of May so I was pretty busy with lessons preparation the first few weeks of... Continue Reading →

Bye bye May, Hello new semester!

Good times pass real fast, especially if you are on vacation. My first ever long semester holiday has officially come to an end. I just started my first lecture yesterday but it was a disaster (another story another day, I guess!). Anyway, I came back from my 2-week holiday in the middle of May (it's... Continue Reading →

Wrapping up the academic year

The last semester for the academic year is finally over. All my invigilating and marking duties have been completed too. I was supposed to have more time to update here but I couldn't because I have been busy preparing my new course for next semester, another new academic year. Anyway, since it's the end of... Continue Reading →

A busy January

I really thought this January would be more relaxing as it's the end of semester. Unfortunately, I had nearly forgotten that I have to conduct a public course and it's going to take 7 of my Saturdays. After discussing with the organizer, I'm going to start my first class on this coming Saturday. To be... Continue Reading →

New role, new room, new schedule

Since August 2015, when I was finally confirmed with a permanent employment, I was also being offered a new role in my faculty. It's a programme leader role where I would have to take care of all the students under that programme. We don't always get chance such as this because such role is only... Continue Reading →

A simple blue update

Today is a public holiday for us here in Malaysia so I decided to switch on this Macbook at home and penned down some thoughts. Since my last post, I hadn't have chance to properly update this blog and I felt truly bad about it. Okay, not many actually view my blog here but I... Continue Reading →

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