No progress

I’m supposed to blog about my progress. No progress is a type of progress, right? So, I’m writing to remind myself that I have not done anything at all during last weekend. What I did? Spending time with friends and watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with my sister- and brother-in-law.

I have actually failed to realize my vow to complete certain tasks while my hubby was away. Totally failed. Sigh! Sometimes I wonder why writing dissertation is so hard to complete. Am I not determined enough? Probably. Or put it simply: lazy.


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  1. I saw pirates of the caribbean at the weekend too! Really cool! Hey, I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s important to let off steam and spend time with friends and loved ones. They can often suffer when we are under pressure to work. It is essential to allow yourself to just let go when you feel like you need a break, especially when it is not planned. In these situations it is often necessary. The important thing is that you don’t worry that you have done it afterwords, but you use the fact that you feel more rested, positive and maybe even a little guilty to your advantage, and get some really productive work done.

    1. The movie is cool. I’m actually going to watch the second time with my hubby tonight. Haha! I understand what you mean. It’s true during this journey, my hubby is the one who suffers most other than me. So, I always try to spend more time with him and family and friends. However, sometimes when I lag behind, he would remind me to go and study. Haha!

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